BTC or Bitcoin Lotteries: Yes They Are Real

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, but looking at it in an online gamblers perspective, it really is just another form of cash for you to use to win. Because it is still almost in its infancy, bitcoin lotto enjoys fewer players and therefore more chances for you to win. Besides, because of its digital nature, there can be variations on how to acquire tickets in BTC lotto. One is that you can earn your tickets, thus providing you with more chancing of wins. Two is you can buy them and play it like a regular lotto game. Whatever way you choose, BTC lotto is here to stay, and one can stand to win big in these sites.

 Make sure you are on a legal site

As a safety precaution, make sure that you are playing on a regulated site or provider. Read and look for the fine print, and if they are licensed, you will almost certainly find their licensing details somewhere easily seen on their website. If this is not the case and you’ve been searching and cannot find it, its best to look elsewhere for a good game.

They promise increased transparency

Although BTC lotto applies the same principles and rules of lotto games, they do promote that their games are more transparent through the use of more advanced algorithms that improve upon the RNG or random number generator.

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 Fewer active sites

Most sites that deal in BTC do not actually stay for long. It could be because not a lot of people really know much about bitcoin for the new currency that it is. This is actually good news because there is less competition and it means that the digital playground is less saturated and therefore more chances of making a huge win.

It is as safe as you make it

 The same thing can be said and holds true on every online gambling institution. Whenever you put yourself out there ready to play, make sure you tick off a checklist of safety measures just to make sure it is safe to play in. If you do this you will enjoy more and possibly win more.